Computational Biology is a branch of biology that deals with ecological, behavioral, biological and social science. The study involves the development and application of computational simulations, mathematical modeling, data analysis, and theoretical models. A lot of students across the world love the course, but when it comes to handling the assignments and homework seems to be the most significant problem.

There is quite a difference between Computational Biology and biology computing. The latter is a branch of computer science. However, biology computing and Bioinformatics are interdisciplinary sciences since both deals with a computer to process and store data.

Computational Biology has a particular aspect of using biological data that are used in the development of MATLAB algorithms and Simulink Coder. Currently, the complexity in the analysis of molecular biology data is giving a lot of student’s headache, but the introduction of MATLAB has made things more comfortable.

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Topics under Computational Biology

There are quite a good number of issues under this course. Each subject has a unique approach and style of teaching. Most of these topics are given a learners problem, especially when it comes to handling the assignments and homework. However, worry no more. All Homework Assignments platform has a pool of experts who can help in tackling any question-related to computational biology.

Here are some of the common topics that can be handled by our team of experts and online tutors. They include:

  • Computational Neuropsychiatry: It is an emerging topic in computation biology that entails the use of mathematical and computer models that involve brain disorder. Understanding computational modeling will help to know how neuronal circuits work.
  • Cancer Computational Biology: The main intention of the topic is to figure out the future mutation of cancer cells. The issue helps to develop algorithms that play a significant role in analyzing cancer data. The problem is enormous, and complex hence requires a more in-depth study and research.
  • Computational Evolutionary Biology: The topic helps to understand evolutionary biology in many capacities like the use of DNA to analyze the tree of life among people. Questions under this topic are complex, and they need someone who purely understands various concepts of genetics and analysis of DNA data.
  • Computational Pharmacology: The topic deals with the study of genomic data that links particular genotypes and diseases. Computational Biology helps to figure out the right cure for a specific condition.
  • Computational Neuroscience: It typically deals with the study of brain function. The topic helps to understand how the brain analyzes data and process the information. Other subfields of Computational Biology include:
    • Computational genomics
    • Computational modeling
    • Computational anatomy