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What is Objective- C?

Just like the name, it is the superset of C languages and has most of its features derived from the C language. It is simply an object-oriented programming language that has changing runs time capabilities. The main function of Objective C is building applications for I OS and OS X. It supports object graph management, dynamic typing, and dynamic binding. Its syntax, flow control statements and data types are all inherited from the C language and added functionality such as objects and classes to make it Objective C. Objective C has been greatly used by Apple company to create Mac, I pad and other phone applications.

Unlike other programming languages, Objective-C is very versatile and flexible as it allows the user the flexibility to add handlers and even interfaces at run time. Objective-C as a programming language is very easy to learn. This programming language gains much fame over the last couple of years because of its wide use in apple applications, for example, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. As a result of its usage by the NeXT and NeXTSTEP operating system, its popularity can be easily measured.

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Objective-C Assignment Help Topics We Cover Include:

  • Forwarding, Forwarding, and Multiple Inheritance Initializing New Objects, Deallocation, Combining Allocation.
  • Creating, Copying and Freeing, Identifying, and Comparing the Instance, Builtin Classes, The ‘Object’ Class.
  • Type Encoding, Allocating Memory for Objects, Run-Time System, Getting an Object Data Structure.

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