Regression Analysis is the study of statistic that defines the relationship between the predictor variable and response variables. It is the same technique used to predict the time series modeling between two variables. The analysis of variables under Regression help to determine the effect of changes in variables. Many marketers use these variables when setting the price of a particular product.

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Regression questions are required to be solved step by step to get an accurate answer to the problem. The majority of students fail to understand this, and it is the reason why most of them score low in the Regression Analysis homework.

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The Regression model is represented as Y= f (X, β). Where Y is a dependent variable, X independent variable and B is a constant parameter. Do not panic when seeing these symbols since it is a formula that will guide you when handling Regression Analysis assignment.

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Types of Regression Analysis Homework Help

There are several types of Regression Analysis assignment questions, and they typically depend on the number of variables.

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Here are some of the common types of Regression Analysis tutors assistance topics:

Polynomial Regression

This is a non-linear type of Regression analysis. Here the relationship between the variables is determined by the nth degree of the polynomial. Least square method happens to be the right Regression model for handling the task.

Logistic Regression

It is a type Regression Analysis topic that deals with the relationship between two or more predictor variables and the categorical variables. The Regression model uses logistic function probability to calculate the cumulative logistic distribution.

Linear Regression

It is the most straightforward Regression Analysis topic which involves both dependent and independent variables that are continuous. The student is required to determine the relationship between one or more predictor variables and a dependent variable based on the line of best fit.

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