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What is Java?

Java is a general-purpose programming language that is mainly object-oriented. Java code can run on any platform as long as the host computer system has the Java virtual machine installed. Java, as we know it today, comes in several editions. These are:

Java Micro Edition (Java ME): This is mainly for writing code for use in environments with limited computing resources. It is therefore lightweight and does not consume much of computer resources. In most cases, it is implemented in embedded devices and mobile devices. These include Mobile phones, TVs, printers, micro-controllers, etc. This is a rapidly developing platform thanks to the rise in the manufacture of smart devices.

Java Standard Edition (Java SE): The Java SE is significant in the development and deployment of Java code in desktop and server environments. This platform defines a wide range of Java APIs and also includes JVM specifications and Java language specifications.

Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE): It is also known as the Jakarta EE. It is mainly an extension of the Java SE 8 incorporating enterprise features of web services and distributed computing. Java EE applications are mainly built to run on reference runtimes and these are mainly for transactions, security, concurrency, and scalability.

During its development, the creator of Java had several principles in mind and these are the principles on which Java is based on.

  • A Simple object-oriented language whose syntax is already familiar for programmers. For this reason, you find that Java’s syntax highly resembles that of C and C++ which were popular at the time.
  • Portable and architecture neutral
  • High speed of execution and performance
  • Robust and secure language
  • It had to be an interpreted, dynamic and threaded language.

Implementation of Java

Being a general-purpose language, Java can be used to implement almost anything that requires the use of a programming language. However, there are some computing fields for which the language is best suited for and these are:

  • The web: On the web, Java has been used to develop web applications mainly known as Java applets. These were applications that we embedded in other applications or web pages to add some functionality to the web page. The Java servlet technology also provided web developers with a simple mechanism for extending the functionality of web servers. These are mainly server-side components that generated server responses to client requests. Java also runs multiple web servers and application servers. Examples of these include Apache, Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, etc.
  • Desktop Applications: Through Swing and JavaFX, programmers can easily develop and deploy GUI desktop applications in Java for any operating system.
  • Mobile Applications: When it comes to smart devices, the Android operating system is an example of a well known mobile OS that heavily relies on Java for its applications.

Topics Covered by our Java Assignment Help Service

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Installation of the Java platform Object-oriented programming
Primitive data types Functional programming in Java
Conditionals and loops Collections
Reference types Generics
Arrays and Array lists Threads and concurrency
File management with Java Exceptional handling

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