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Multivariate Statistic Homework Help

It is a topic that entails the study of multiple variables at the same time by analyzing the effect of these variables. The statistical model can be used to differentiate each variable for ease study.

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Offering help with multivariate statistic assignment involve the use of, various concepts like Partial Least Squares, Clustering Systems, Factor Solutions, Monte Carlo Simulation, Bonferroni Method, Linear Discriminant Analysis, Multiple Coefficient of Determination, Fisher’s Approach, Likelihood Function, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, and Factor Solutions among many other concepts.

The field involves the use of multiple software to make the work easy and some of the standard software used include:

  • STATA software
  • R software
  • SPSS software
  • SAS software

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Topics Covered By Multivariate Statistics Online Tutor

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  • Dendrograms
  • Andrews plots
  • Biplots
  • Parallel coordinate charts
  • Nonnegative matrix factorization
  • Segmenting data with cluster analysis
  • Principal component analysis
  • Scatter plot matrices
  • Classical multidimensional scaling
  • Factor analysis for building explanatory models from data correlation