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What is CoffeeScript?

CoffeeScript is a programming language that compiles its source code into JavaScript code. The language was first introduced to GitHub by Jeremy Ashkenas in December 2009 and ever since, its popularity has been on the rise, especially among front-end developers.

Incorporating Ruby, Python and Haskell features, CoffeeScript seeks to make JavaScript code more readable and brief. This means that with just a few lines of CoffeeScript code, you can execute something that would otherwise take more lines of JavaScript code.

With all the new features that CoffeeScript brings into JavaScript, it becomes more challenging for students to have a good mastery of the language but with our help, learning CoffeeScript would be a smooth ride.

Key Features of CoffeeScript

  • Write Less Do More: As mentioned earlier, one of the main goals of CoffeeScript is to bring brevity into JavaScript code. You can, therefore, create a program with fewer lines in CoffeeScript that would do just what another program with hundreds of javaScript code does.
  • Easy to Read and Understand: With CoffeeScript, it is easy to write neat and clean code that is easy to read and understand even for amateurs.
  • Easy to Write: The language is flexible and keeps many problematic syntax requirements at bay. Many unnecessary parentheses and braces which are a requirement in JavaScript can be omitted in CoffeeScript.
  • Class-based Inheritance: With JavaScript, classes are replaced by the prototypes which are highly confusing especially for beginners. With CoffeeScript, users can create classes and embed them into JavaScript easily.

Topics covered by our Experts

When it comes to providing our clients with reliable CoffeeScript homework help service, we can tackle any assignment problem they throw at us. Our experts have a good mastery of CoffeeScript as a whole and keep up to date with any new features being introduced in the language.

However, whenever students reach out to us for homework help, some specific topics which keep arising and they have proven to be a huge problem for the majority of our clients. These are:

The Coffee Command-line Prototypal inheritance
CoffeeScript basics (strings, objects, arrays, conditional statements, and operators) Functions (Async functions, generator functions, bound functions, and chaining function calls)
Modules and libraries Classes
Coffee and Node.js Embedded JavaScript
Coffee and Rails Lexical scooping and variable safety

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