When it comes to computer programming, Assembly Languages are among of the most dreaded languages and this is mainly because of their low-level nature and closeness to machine language. However, on the brighter side, a good understanding of Assembly Language gives the user the ultimate power to understand how their computers work from the core ie the processors.

Compared to most of the high-level languages we have today, assembly is certainly not a choice many would take starting just with its syntax. The use of mnemonics seems to be daunting and many novice programmers would certainly prefer something like python whose syntax is much like making English statements to a fellow human.

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What is Assembly Language Homework Help?

Any personal computers in use today have microprocessors which mainly contain the arithmetic logic unit and the control logic unit. These processors understand only machine language instructions and the different processor families have a distinct set of machine language instructions.

Writing software in machine language is a complex process and highly time-consuming. Therefore, there’s a need for a language that is closely related to the processor’s machine language and simpler for the programmers as well. That is the Assembly Language. Put simply, an Assembly Language is a low-level programming language whose program statements are closely related to the computer architecture’s machine code. This also means that each Assembly Language is specific to particular computer architecture and hence not portable across systems like most of the high-level languages we have today.

Terminology used in Assembly Language

  • Assembler: This is a utility software that converts the Assembly Language source code into executable machine code. The process of converting into a machine code is called assembling.
  • Opcode: This refers to a low-level machine instruction that can be executed by the machine. Each executable instruction in the source code is therefore converted into opcode.
  • Macros: a macro is a way of making available a block of instructions as one statement.
  • Cross-assembler: This is an assembler that is hosted and runs in a different system from which the resulting piece of code is created.
  • High-level assembler: This is an assembler that supports language abstractions associated with high-level programming languages. These include advanced control structures and data types.

Advantages of Assembly Languages

To computer scientists, Assembly Language is very important in giving you full understanding and control of the computer system you are dealing with. It makes you aware of the following:

  • How data is accessed and executed by the processors
  • How the hardware interfaces with the OS, BIOS and application programs
  • How data is stored, obtained and represented in memory and other external devices

Programming in Assembly Language has the following advantages:

  • Programs written in Assembly Language are very small in size and require less memory compared to those written in high-level languages.
  • The execution speed for programs written in Assembly Language is super fast hence this is effective for performance and time critical programs.
  • It is the most suitable for writing memory resident programs.

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