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Overview of C++ Programming Language

Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ is one of the most popular general-purpose programming languages today. The language supports multiple programming paradigms including procedural, functional and object-oriented programming.

Being an extension of C, C++ is mainly aimed at writing software that is more oriented towards performance, efficiency, and flexibility. For these reasons, C++ is mainly used in system programming, development of resource-constrained software and creation of performance-critical applications.

Due to its object-oriented features, C++ is becoming a favorite of many developers who were initially inclined to C programming. Object-orientation makes it possible to easily solve real-world problems by writing code which emulate real-life objects; a feature which lacks in C.

As of this writing, C++ ranks 3rd on the Tiobe index of popular programming languages (an indexing website for the popularity of programming language). This means that adopting C++ is a great move towards implementing a successful career in software development.

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Common Applications of C++

Being a general-purpose language, C++ can be applied in any field where computer programming is required. However, there are some areas where it is more suited for and some of its common applications today are listed below.

  • Games and animation: One of the most popular uses of C++ today is in the gaming industry. Over 60% of gaming engines out there are based on C++ and it is still the choice for many upcoming games. The low-level features of C++ make it easy to develop CPU intensive game applications. C++ also optimizes resource management and facilitates multiplayer with networking. Some of the well-known gaming engines based on C++ include the Unreal engine, creation engine, and the cry engine. C++ has also been utilized in 3D modeling and animation tools. It provides an easy means of building a real-time physical simulation, high-performance image processing, and mobile sensor applications. All these are important in animation, motion graphics, and virtual reality.
  • Web Development: C++ is used in the development of web browsers and some of the popular ones implementing C++ are Chrome and Mozilla. Apart from this, C++ is also used in back-end programming and some of the popular websites that implement C++ on their back-end are Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, and YouTube.
  • Desktop Applications: Some of the common applications written in C++ are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and illustrator.
  • Compilers and Operating Systems: Most of the C++ compilers out there are purely written in C++. It has also been used to develop compilers for other languages including Java and C#. Various versions of Microsoft Windows OS implement C++ heavily. It has also been used partly in Apple’s OSX. The Symbian mobile OS is also fully implemented in C++.

Topics Covered by our C++ Assignment Help Service

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Basic C++ (Data types, variables, operators, functions, arrays, strings, pointers, loops, Data Structures, etc) Object-Oriented C++ (Classes and Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, and interfaces)
Files and streams Multithreading
Namespaces in C++ Web programming in C++
Dynamic Memory Databases with C++
C++ Preprocessor Signal handling and Exception handling

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