For many students pursuing computer science or IT at undergraduate, masters or Ph.D. levels, the C Programming language is one thing that will always surface and have applications in any field of computing that you major in.

However, many face challenges with C Programming and this is mainly because you can never become a master of any Programming language without practice. Practical Programming is one thing that many students do not focus on and this is based majorly on the approach that the normal school curriculum takes in teaching Programming. As a result, you find students graduating with little Programming experience.

Even in school, Programming homework and assignments are still a massive challenge for many especially when students are required to use their skills into building small applications. Whenever faced by such, many students, especially those with no Programming experience, stress too much and in many cases, they google and copy the irrelevant code from online forums that don’t get them the result they need.

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What is C Programming Homework Help?

C is a general-purpose Programming language developed in the early 1970s at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie. The main goal behind its creation was to have a language that would be used to develop Unix utilities and it was later used to implement the kernel of the Unix operating system.

By design, C provides constructs that map efficiently to typical machine instructions making it a preferred language when it comes to the development of performance critical applications initially developed in assembly. Apart from making C a suitable language in the development of operating systems and the creation of applications for embedded systems and supercomputers, these low-level features have made it a ‘tough language’ for novice programmers.

In many institutions of higher learning, C is used to introduce Programming concepts to students and this is mainly because the language is mainly viewed as one of the pioneer high-level Programming languages and many of the other popular languages we use today borrow from C in many ways. Shifting from C Programming in any other high-level language today is, therefore, easier because in most cases, there is a close relation in the control structures and data types you’ll find in C and these other languages. Some of these languages include C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, Limbo, Python, Perl, PHP, Swift, and many others.

Common applications of C

C is widely used in the operating system implementation and the creation of applications for embedded systems. C is also used in web applications where it is used, through a Common Gateway interface, to exchange information between the web app, the server and the browser. In most cases, C will be used for this purpose when there’s a need for quick performance and execution.

C has also been used to develop compilers, interpreters and libraries for other Programming languages. Languages such as Python, Perl, and PHP widely implement C.

Many Desktop applications that are performance critical and require a huge amount of computer resources are in most cases built in C, wholly or partially Some of the popular ones include MATLAB, Mathematica, GNU scientific library and many others.

Why you need help with C Programming Assignments

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