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Many who come to us for the first time are never sure of what should be done when it comes to getting Arduino homework help from our experts and in this article, we break every step of it and address all the queries you have about our services. First things first, let’s delve into an Arduino and see what it is exactly.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a set of open source hardware and software electronic platform that is used to design, test and construct electronic gadgets and products. In most cases, these gadgets are designed to interact with the physical environment and produce digital data and signals with particular meanings.

Just like mentioned earlier, Arduino is mainly made up of two parts mainly the software and the hardware. The software consists of a set of algorithms defined by the user which gives specific instructions to the chip on how to react when a certain action takes place. The hardware is mainly the Arduino board which is the physical circuit with the necessary components that make the Arduino circuit board work. We will look deeply into these shortly.

Some of the common implementations of Arduino include motion sensors, invasion alarms, fire sensors, and alarms and many other helpful gadgets.

Arduino Hardware

When we talk of the Arduino hardware, we mainly refer to the Arduino boards which are also open source and this means the layout and production files for some versions of the hardware are freely available online. The Arduino boards are made up of:

  • Microcontroller: In most cases, this is an 8-bit AVR microcontroller with flash memory, pre-programmed with a boot loader which simplifies uploading of software onto the flash memory of the chip.
  • Pins: The Arduino boards have single and/or double row pins that are essential in connecting the pin to other circuits or allow for programming of the chip. Some of these pins are digital while others are analog. On many boards, the analog pins are used for input while the digital pins can generate pulse-width modulated signals and be used to read and write from a single state.
  • Serial connector: The Arduino boards do not have keyboards or screens and therefore loading program code onto the board would require connections to another computer system. Most of the current Arduino boards use USB-to-serial adapter chips such as the FTDI FT232 which are used to program the Arduino microcontrollers.
  • Power connector: The boards are made of power-consuming circuit components which need electrical power to function. Through the power connector, voltage and current can be supplied to the board and mainly this is a low voltage AC input plug.
  • Other additional features: Apart from the above mentioned, Arduino boards have other components that are important in their functioning. These include linear regulators, ceramic resonators or crystal oscillators.

Arduino Software

Program code for the Arduino hardware can be written in any programming language as long as it can be compiled to produce binary machine code for the target processor. The development environment for Arduino software mainly takes place in the Arduino IDE which is a Java application that can run on Windows, Linux or MacOS.

The IDE makes the process of writing Arduino code simpler even for novice use by integrating features such as automatic indenting, search and replace, copy-pasting and syntax highlighting. Programs can also be compiled and uploaded onto the board in just one click which makes this very straightforward.

Common Applications of Arduino

Some of the popularly known applications of Arduino include:

  • Ardupilot: An Arduino based drone software and hardware
  • Arduboy: An Arduino based gaming console
  • OpenEVSE: An open source electric charger that is Arduino based
  • XOD: A visual programming language for Arduino

Now that we have a clear understanding of what Arduino is and what it does, here is what our assignment help service has to offer.

Topics Covered Under Arduino Assignment Help

Our experts have a vast knowledge of Arduino programming and use and you therefore, shouldn’t worry much about the topics that you are stuck in but instead trust us to deliver quality in whatever topics you face. Below, however, is a list of some of the most problematic topics many students encounter in the course of their study.

  • Arduino IDE
  • Comparative and logical operators
  • Hardware libraries
  • Arrays and memory
  • Serial and I2C
  • Digital ins and outs
  • IDE board setup
  • RFID Readers
  • The structure of Arduino C

This is just a partial list of some of the most frequently troublesome topics we’ve handled in Arduino but we are positive that whatever challenge you have, even if it doesn’t appear in the above, we can solve it for you and all you need to do is reach out to the experts.

Why Choose All Homework Assignments

There are many reasons why most of our loyal customers believe in us and always come back to us for Arduino assignment help. If you are on our website for the first time however, here are some reasons why you should settle for our services.

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The Process Of Getting Arduino Homework Help From Us

Most of the visitors on our website are always confused about how to contact our experts or get homework help from us. Getting Arduino homework help from us is very easy. Here are the steps:

STEP 1 – Initial contact

Contact us and discuss the details of your assignment. You can easily contact us via the live chat section on our website, send us an email, send us a message either via SMS or social media messaging like facebook, twitter, and WhatsApp, or you can call us via the phone numbers listed on our website. All our social media handles are linked to our websites and by just clicking the icon, you will land onto our page.

STEP 2 – Send the assignment details and discuss the price

Email us the assignment documents which contain the assignments and after a review, the prices will be discussed. Once a price agreement has been reached, deadlines will be discussed.

STEP 3 – Make a partial payment to commence the work

Before the work begins, the client will be required to make a partial deposit before the work begins and finish up the remaining amount on completion of the project. Payment to us can be made via PayPal or wire transfers. We also take debit and credit cards.

STEP 4 – Follow up on the progress of the work

After the work has started, the client can follow up on the progress of the work through a dedicated communication channel and at this stage, any changes that they want to be made on the assignments can be communicated.

STEP 5 – Confirm that the work is done

Once the work is done, we will share with the client a video or images of the fully working code solutions just to prove that the work is complete. The work won’t be submitted, however until the remaining amount is paid by the client.

STEP 6 – Pay the remaining amount

Once the full payment has been received. We shall release the work and email the whole solutions documents to the client and here we offer a few days review time within which the client can confirm that all the assignment requirements were met and everything has been done to satisfaction. If something is missing, we will fix it for free within the allowed grace period and not later.

STEP 7 – Submit your work and wait for your grade

Once satisfied that everything is in place, you can submit your assignment and wait for your grades. You can also leave a comment us a comment once you get your A+ :).

All Homework Assignments, we are dedicated to providing you quality and when it comes to Arduino assignments and projects, no one does it better than we do. Get world class Arduino homework help from us today and make every assignment count.


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