Prolog is simply programming in logic, which means it is a rational and declarative programming languages. In very direct and simple terms, it is a language connected to reasoning. This language employs a system called interface mechanism that is built around Robinson resolution principles and answers extracting mechanisms. Students studying Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science courses are usually given Prolog programming assignments of various kinds by their College and University professors. Giving assignments is not a bad practice because, besides actual examinations, they are the only other way by which the student’s understanding of the concepts can be evaluated. When taken seriously by both the students and the professionals guiding them, it only works to benefit the students. This is because many students have gone on to score excellent grades in their programming courses after getting sufficient professional help from our online assignment writers. Unfortunately, the majority of students today have a negative perception of assignments and don’t take them seriously.

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Prolog is a very wide and interesting programming language. During the duration of their study, students will encounter the following contents covered under the language.

  • Prolog programming environment
  • Prolog syntax and examples of Prolog programs
  • Essential built-in features of Prolog programming language
  • Development of a search program n Prolog language
  • Major operations involving the inference engine of the Prolog language
  • Introduction to Prolog built-in grammar parser generator
  • Implementation of different prototypes of Prolog programming language
  • Presentation of specific and extensive logic meta-interpreter for common logical rule bases

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